Restricted League Cricket Specific Rules 2021

Match Procedures will be as per League rules except as stated below:

The restricted match procedures will begin on Saturday 17ᵗʰ April. These procedures will be
reviewed every 2 weeks with the aim to move into playing cricket without any restrictions.

RL2.1 1st XI Competition:
Each team shall bowl a maximum of 40 overs.
RL2.2 2ⁿᵈ XI Competition:
Each team shall bowl a maximum of 35 overs.

RL3.1 1st XI Competition:
In line with League rules each bowler will be limited to a maximum of 30% of the overs played (12
overs in a 40 over game).
If the overs are reduced due to a delayed start or an initial reduction of overs, the maximum overs
permitted per bowler will be reduced as per Rule L8.11.1.
RL3.2 2ⁿᵈ XI Competition:
In line with League rules, each bowler will be limited to a maximum of 1/5 of the overs played (7
overs in a 35 over game).
If the overs are reduced due to a delayed start or an initial reduction of overs, the maximum overs
permitted per bowler will be reduced by one over for every five overs deducted. Where the total
overs is not divisible by 5, one additional over shall be allowed to the maximum number per bowler
necessary to make up the balance.

RL4.1 Clubs (& Umpires) will NOT be expected to complete the TMRF, but the club must ensure that
team names are correctly recorded on Play-Cricket before the game.
RL4.2 Clubs will be expected to provide umpires with the names and age group of any players Under
19 years of age, to help enforce any ECB fast bowling & fielding restrictions.
RL4.3 Clubs will be expected to collect information of all those in attendance, including Home &
Visiting Team players; umpires; scorers and spectators where appropriate. These details should be
kept for 21 days to assist with NHS Test and Trace.

RL5.1 Teas will not be provided for players, umpires & scorers. All should make their own
appropriate provision.
RL5.2 There shall be an interval of 20 minutes between innings. This may be shorter should both
Umpires & Captains agree at the toss.

RL6.1 Prior to the start of the game:
If it appears obvious that due to inclement weather, a ground will be unfit for play, the home team
captain/representative may phone the away team captain/representative prior to 10.00am on the day
of the match to suggest the game is abandoned.
RL6.1.1 If agreed the game shall be abandoned, and in the case of a 1ˢᵗ XI Competition game the
Secretary of the UA must be informed immediately.
RL6.1.2 If not agreed the captains/representatives shall meet on the morning of the game to inspect
the ground and reach a decision on the fitness of the ground. If the two captains/representatives
do not agree then both teams must turn up as normal.
RL6.2 Delayed start:
RL6.2.1 In the event of a delayed start one over per side will be deducted for every full 6 minutes
lost, up to a minimum of a 20 overs per side match.
RL6.2 2 If both captains agree that prevailing weather conditions make it unlikely that a full
40/35 over game could be completed they may, prior to the start of play, agree to reduce the of
overs down to a minimum of 20 overs.

RL6.3 Interrupted game: RL6.3.1 Once the
hall not result in any deductions in the
number of scheduled overs.
The safety of all players and match officials is of paramount importance and we would expect that
games would be abandoned in the event of adverse weather causing problems with social distancing
guidelines over a period of time. We recognise that facilities vary amongst our clubs but must
insist that decisions are based upon the health and well being of players and officials.

RL7.1 The team making the higher score shall be the winners.
RL7.2 Where an interruption/s in play occurs during the second innings of a game, and it is
subsequently not possible to compete the full scheduled number of overs the following shall apply:
RL7.2.1 Should at least 50% of the allocated overs have been completed then the winning side shall
be decided by Duckworth Lewis and as per Rule L8.16.7 “…the DLMM shall record a new suspension
break in the PCS App stating “zero overs remaining. This will give a new RFIT which will determine
the result.”
RL7.2.2 Where less than 50% of the scheduled overs have been completed the game shall be deemed
abandoned and 2 points awarded to both teams.
Points will be awarded as per League rules, including Performance Points.
RL9.1 Remarks & Comments:
Any remarks & comments on a game officiated by a member of the UA or Club/Pool Umpire, including
any instances of slow over rates should be sent to Phil Senior by text or email within 48 hours of
the completion of the game.
RL9.2 Misconduct:
Any reports of misconduct of players and/or spectators who interfere with play shall be reported to
the Administration Secretary.
RL9.3 Hygiene Breaks:
The Umpires should enforce a ‘hygiene break’ which should take place every six overs, in which the
ball is cleaned with a suitable disinfectant wipe (conforming to BS EN 14476) and all participants’
hands are cleaned using a suitable sanitiser. This routine should also be followed at the start of
any drinks break or the close of an innings. The responsibility for sanitising the ball during the
match will lie with the fielding captain, not the umpire
RL9.4 Expenses:
Umpires shall receive the following amounts in respect of all inclusive expenses: 1ˢᵗ XI
Competition: £45.
Match officiated by 1 umpire £67.50. Match where no play is possible: £22.50 2ⁿᵈ XI Competition:
ted by 1 umpire £64.50. Match where no play is possible: £21.50


DateStart Time1st Team2nd Team3rd TeamMATCH SPONSOR
17-Apr-2113:00Skelmanthorpe (A)Honley (H)
24-Apr-2113:00Shelley (H)Edgerton/Dalton 1XI (A)
1-May-2113:00Rastrick (A)Golcar (H)
8-May-2113:00Meltham (H)Delph & Dobcross (A)
9-May-2113:00Barkisland (H) – Sykes Cup 1st RoundUpperthong (A) – Paddock Shield 1st Round
15-May-2113:00Denby (A)Armitage Bridge (H)
16-May-2113:00Broad Oak (H)
22-May-2113:00Holmfirth (H)Scholes (A)
29-May-2113:00Thurstonland (A)Almondbury Wes (H)
30-May-2113:00Sykes Cup 2nd RoundPaddock Shield 2nd Rnd
5-Jun-2113:00Almondbury Wes (H)Flockton 1st (A)
6-Jun-2113:00Moorlands (H)
10-Jun-2118:00Cumberworth (A) – T20 Shield Prel. Rnd
12-Jun-2113:00Lascelles Hall (A)Kirkburton (H)
13-Jun-2113:00Sykes Cup QFPaddock Shield QF
17-Jun-2118:00T20 Shield 1st Round
19-Jun-2113:00Elland (A)Barkisland (H)
20-Jun-2113:00Lascelles Hall (A)
26-Jun-2113:00Marsden (H)Slaithwaite (A)
1-Jul-2118:00T20 Shield QF
3-Jul-2113:00Rastrick (H)Golcar (A)
4-Jul-2113:00Sykes Cup 1st S/FinalPaddock Shield 1st S/FShepley (A)
8-Jul-2118:00T20 Shield Semi-Final
10-Jul-2113:00Meltham (A)Delph & Dobcross (H)
11-Jul-2113:00Sykes Cup 2nd S/FinalPaddock Shield 2nd S/FUpperthong (H)
17-Jul-2113:00Denby (H)Armitage Bridge (A)
18-Jul-2113:00Armitage Bridge (H)
24-Jul-2113:00Holmfirth (A)Scholes (H)
25-Jul-2112:00T20 Shield Final
31-Jul-2113:00Thurstonland (H)Almondbury Wes (A)
1-Aug-2113:00Honley (A)
7-Aug-2113:00Almondbury Wes (A)Flockton 1XI (H)
8-Aug-2112:00Sykes Cup Final
14-Aug-2113:00Lascelles Hall (H)Kirkburton (A)
15-Aug-2113:00Paddock Shield FinalMarsden (A)
21-Aug-2113:00Elland (H)Barkisland (A)
22-Aug-2113:00Thongsbridge (A)
28-Aug-2113:00Marsden (A)Slaithwaite (H)
4-Sept-2112:30Skelmanthorpe (H)Honley (A)
11-Sept-2112:30Shelley (A)Edgerton/Dalton 1XI (H)

2nd Team

DateStart TimeFixtureVenue
17-Apr-2113:00Honley 2XIHome
24-Apr-2113:00Edgerton & Dalton 1XIAway
1-May-2113:00Golcar 2XIHome
8-May-2113:00Delph & Dobcross 2XIAway
9-May-2113:00Upperthong 2XI – Paddock Shield 1st RoundAway
15-May-2113:00Armitage Bridge 2XIHome
22-May-2113:00Scholes 2XIAway
29-May-2113:00Almondbury Wesleyans 2XIHome
30-May-2113:00Paddock Shield 2nd Round
5-Jun-2113:00Flockton 1XIAway
12-Jun-2113:00Kirkburton 2XIHome
13-Jun-2113:00Paddock Shield QF
19-Jun-2113:00Barkisland 2XIHome
26-Jun-2113:00Slaithwaite 2XIAway
3-Jul-2113:00Golcar 2XIAway
4-Jul-2113:00Paddock Shield 1st Semi-Final
10-Jul-2113:00Delph & Dobcross 2XIHome
11-Jul-2113:00Paddock Shield 2nd Semi-Final
17-Jul-2113:00Armitage Bridge 2XIAway
24-Jul-2113:00Scholes 2XIHome
31-Jul-2113:00Almondbury Wesleyans 2XIAway
7-Aug-2113:00Flockton 1XIHome
14-Aug-2113:00Kirkburton 2XIAway
15-Aug-2113:00Paddock Shield Final
21-Aug-2113:00Barkisland 2XIAway
28-Aug-2113:00Slaithwaite 2XIHome
4-Sept-2113:00Honley 2XIAway
11-Sept-2113:00Edgerton & Dalton 1XIHome

Sunday Team

DateStart TimeFixtureVenue
16-May-2113:00Broad Oak 3XIHome
6-Jun-2113:00Moorlands 3XIHome
20-Jun-2113:00Lascelles Hall 3XIAway
4-Jul-2113:00Shepley 3XIAway
11-Jul-2113:00Upperthong 3XIHome
18-Jul-2113:00Armitage Bridge 3XIHome
1-Aug-2113:00Honley 3XIAway
15-Aug-2113:00Marsden 3XIAway
22-Aug-2113:00Thongsbridge 3XIAway